Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's Day-2013

What a wonderful weekend we have had!  Missy and Rodney came Friday evening-Missy had a mud run Saturday morning and I was to compete in a tournament at Creek Casino at the same time, so Rodney, Dick and I went to the casino.  Needless to say I didn't win but it was fun.  When Missy got home we all went out for Mexican food.  It was delicious but Rodney and I found a new "hot", when they say hot, they mean HOT!!!  Dick doesn't understand how I can say it's delicious and still almost too hot to eat but it really was.  Rick came over and picked up Rodney to go to our downtown St. Patrick's Day festival-Rick showed him around downtown and Rodney has found some new places to eat when they come back to town.  Today Rick and Lizzie came over and Rick cooked collard greens, blackeyed peas and fried pork chops, Lizzie made some good cornbread and Missy handled dessert--she bought a huge plastic margarita glass for her Dad and filled it with Ghiardella brownies, chocolate and vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with sprinkles.  This was also a birthday celebration since Dick's birthday was on the 14th.  We sat around and played an '80's trivia game that my bff gave to Dick for his birthday.  It was fun but I couldn't believe how little I could remember....I said I must have slept thru the '80's. lol  Ry came this evening and Michelle came when she got off work so it's been a really cool and very enjoyable day!
   We are planning some trips soon and I'm hoping to be posting more.  I've been sick for quite awhile but thanks to the good Lord and this new medicine my doctor has given me, I'm doing much better.  I read almost all the blogs I subscribe to most every day but just haven't felt like posting myself.  Hoping to change that now that I'm feeling better.  We've had some really gorgeous weather too which has certainly helped.  Our daffodils have bloomed and gone, but we have iris, camellias, rhododendrens, flowering quince and the redbud trees is just starting to bloom.  I've always loved cold weather but I didn't realize just how much I was looking for Spring.  Boy, am I ready.  I've lost about 62 lbs so that helps too.  Went shopping and now buying 4 sizes smaller....can't beat that for a good feeling.  Going to try to post some pics now-hope I can figure it out. lol



  1. So good to see a post from you and glad to hear you are feeling better. Certainly hope you get some traveling in this year.

    I don't think I can remember much trivia about the 80s either. Was busy raising up the last of the kids, seeing the older ones getting married, and the first grandbaby arriving. Who knew what was going on in the world LOL???

    1. Thx, I hope we can get some trips in. We have one to New Orleans planned for April. Also hoping to take a shorter one a bit closer to home just to get outside and enjoy the weather.
      Both my kids graduated in the '80's so it was a busy time...come to think of it, both of them got married then too. No grandbabies for several years tho. It was a fun game. Gonna try it out on my 2 sister-in-laws in April.
      Good to hear from u-hope all is well.