Tuesday, September 11, 2012

March Happenings

   More beautiful flowers blooming, lots of yard work to do, and a beauty pageant to attend.  Dick had to cut down a huge Poplar tree that was half dead and we had a really pretty Peace rose blooming.  Planted two dogwood trees at the cemetery so that we could continue the tradition of decorating them at Christmas time – this was a tradition that my Grandmother started 67 years ago,  When she couldn’t continue doing it, my Mother took over and now it’s handed down to my daughter and me.  Many people don’t find comfort in cemeteries but I always have.  It’s the last thing I can do for them here and I like seeing their graves clean and flowers blooming.  It was fun watching Nikki

compete in her pageant, she’s such a beautiful young lady.  Then there’s the flowers blooming that I mentioned earlier, azaleas, rhododendruns and camellias.  The women in my family have always loved yard work – my Mother could be found watering her yard at 11:30 at night.  She said it was peaceful at that time and it was the only time she had to do it with everything else that was going on in her life.  My Grandmother would go out early in the morning and work til almost 11, then come in for some lunch and other inside things to do til it cooled off outside and then back out around 3 p.m. til dark.  It gave them and the neighbors much pleasure to see all the beautiful plants.

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