Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year Fun January 2012

What a great way to start the new year - a trip to Pennsylvania with Missy!  She hasn't been there in many years so it was fun to see her visiting with everyone.  It was enjoyable being with her in the rv on the way up and back.  She had a really good time with everyone-went to Gettysburg with Uncle Gary, gained a huge amount of info on Indians and arrowheads from Uncle Gene, held Brandon and Alyssa’s sweet baby son, got to visit with Josh and Elizabeth and their adorable kids and a whole bunch of other family members.TinaDane and Connie on the porchFeb. 24, 2012 003Feb. 24, 2012 004Feb. 24, 2012 005Feb. 24, 2012 006Tim, Missy, Uncle Gene, Aunt Connie and Dane the morning we left.Feb. 24, 2012 008Feb. 24, 2012 009Missy, Uncle Gene, Tim, Tina, Dane Dick and Aunt ConnieOn the way home


  1. Snow??? Snow!!! Guess you're just trying to cool us all down in the record heat we're having.

  2. Did the pipes in the RV freeze?? Welcome back. :)

  3. Hi Jim and Sandie...just trying to catch up on my posts so I can be more up-to-date. lol Looking at the snow brings back "cool" memories. lol
    Hi Judy, no, no pipes froze....we thought we were going to have to take special precautions being up there in that freezing cold weather but since they're located where they are, we didn't have to do anything. We did check with Tiffin in Red Bay before going up there tho. Thx Judy, hope to keep up to date now. I read everyone's blogs daily, just haven't been able to keep up with mine.
    Thanks for commenting everybody!