Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our real tree complete
with decorations made by
my babes when they were
very young.
Michelle, Rick & Kilo

Erran, Allison, Rodney, Ryan
Nikki, Dick & Missy

Michelle, Lizzie & Aryn

Kayla & Poot

Sweet Granddaughters: Nikki, Aryn & Erran

My handsome son Rick

Kayla, Rick, Kilo, Michelle & Lizzie

Don't ya love Kilo's Santa outfit?

Kayla & Poot, Rick, Kilo & Michelle

Lizzie & Shane



Our small front porch tree

Killer asking for a treat

Killer being handsome

Christmas gift from Charlotte and Don
Christmas is always a special time for me, has been since I can remember.  Celebrating Jesus's birthday has always been upper most in our minds.  Following that has been the family get-togethers...many were somewhat tainted with arguments that when looked back upon were really not necessary....but that's the way it is in some families.  I love and miss every member of my family and would so very much love to go back and have just one of those times when we were all together.  But now I enjoy the company of my young adult children and their families....doesn't it sound strange to say adult children??? lol  They make my life complete and both are such blessings.  Hope I can get all these pics posted....I'm still very much into the learning phase of adding the pictures and don't do it very well but hopefully you will be able to see those who mean so much to me.  The northern members are not with us for Christmas so I will post them in the January section.  I'm extremely thankful to my Father in Heaven for each and every one you will see here and those who weren't here.
Do love the poinsettias
Erran, Allison, Nikki, Ryan  & Dick

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