Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun in July in PA

Charlotte & Vicky

Jeremiah, Gary & Don
Connie & me

Maggie & Haley
   It's been a long time between posts...unfortunately I've never been much of a writer and this is really to keep the family up-to-date but so glad that anyone else might enjoy it as well.  Hope you all can follow along as time permits.
   We had such a good time visiting PA in July!  We were there for the 4th and had almost 40 people there...and that's not all of us. lol  We really enjoy getting together with husband is the oldest of seven...sadly we lost our brother Dean 4 years ago to a major heart attack.  He was way too young but heart conditions are no respector of age.  Dean could always make me smile, he was such a special guy!  The first time I met him I knew because there was a gleem in his eye. lol  He was only 10 but special even at that age.  He is always with us in spirit...someone is forever saying "do u remember when Dean____" and we all fill in the blanks.  Love u my sweet brother!
   My dear sister Connie allowed us to park in her driveway and it was wonderful.  We could stay up late as we wanted and then head out to the rv at bedtime.   She always asks us to stay in the house but it's just easier not to have to carry clothes and stuff back and forth.  Then we're there first thing in the morning and no one has to drive anywhere.  She is a marvelous cook and always feeds us like kings and queens.  We are privileged to spend time with each of his brothers and youngest sister.  Every get-together is such a special blessing to me.  Although I do have younger sisters I wasn't raised with any of them so it was more like being an only child...when I met my husband and he took me home, it was Heaven on earth.  I'll post some pics here of our get-together.  It amazed me because when we left Alabama it was sooo hot...when we got there it was cool enough to have a fire and we had one every night except for 2.  They live on a hill with a really nice view and we were able to spend many nights on the porch, enjoying the breeze and the fire.  I feel so at home there, wish we could move up there.   Their family dynamics are so good, they all seem to enjoy doing things together, just a close family with lots of love.  Hope you all enjoy the pics...know my kids will get a kick out of them. 

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