Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up Time

As everyone can see I don't post daily or even weekly right now but hope to have more to post about soon.  I spent some very enjoyable days with Lizzie and have been busy emptying the old house and getting it ready for sale.  We got some much needed rain today and I know our garden is grateful.  This month and next will be spent tidying and readying the house for sale and then we hope to be on the road either in late August or early September.  Can't wait to head north to visit friends and family.  I have the worst case of hitch-itch. lol
Still have lots to learn about blogging....finally figured out how to add additional posts I'm following.  Now if I can just figure out how to add those who r following me and fix it so that when u click on it u will go to their sites....all in good time. lol  I'm an ole dog but I can learn some new tricks.  Hope everyone can stay cool and comfy.  We r limited to either early morning hours or late afternoon to do anything outside....just too hot for this ole girl.  Thankfully there's not much calling us out there.  The garden is struggling along but should be giving up some beans and peas pretty soon.  Also time to replant the corn and going to add some peppers.  My son was surprised that I hadn't already done that...but I'm usually the only one who eats them so I didn't plant any.  Going to plant both hot and regular now tho.  Hopefully we'll have all harvested before we hit the road but if not, we have some wonderful neighbors who can partake of the produce.
Happy Summer fellow travelers...stay cool as u can and enjoy every day!  Each one is a gift from our Heavenly Father and I hope not to waste a single one.

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  1. You must have not gotten my email that explained how to add hyperlinks, or clickable sites. I sent it quite a while ago, so if you want me to, I can send another note. We are getting ready to head out West, but just in the truck. Are still undecided about what we will be doing as for traveling fulltime. Only time will tell. Stay safe dear friend, and hope you have a big harvest from your garden.