Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun Time With Nikki

Had a fun day with our sweet granddaughter Nikki today.   Picked her up and went shopping.   We had breakfast at the Waffle House and headed to Rue 21.   She does love that store.  It was fun watching her shop, she is great at it.   She gets some really good bargains and dresses so cute.  Also hit Kohl's and Sports Authority.  We decided to cool off with some slushes from Sonic and they really were good.  We got to visit some here at the house before it was time for her to go.  She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, we really enjoy spending time with her!  Hopefully we'll be able to visit with more of the grandchildren soon.  They are all so grownup and have busy schedules so we have to catch them when we can. lol
Want to thank my dear friend Pidge who sent me some tips about blogging.  I was stuck like glue and she made it easy.  Thanks Pidge!


  1. You are so welcome!! Your map looks great and love the picture of the garden... Do you use Live Writer? I have found it is very easy to use and adding pictures and links is very easy through this site. Stay cool... :)

  2. Welcome to the world of bloging.We will be your third follower good luck.

  3. You are going to enjoy blogging and RVing. Welcome aboard!